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In the exhibition format, we gathered and presented all the material from the photo interventions created in phase 1 of the project, and presented them in an exhibition format in one of the main attraction sites in Gothenburg. The photos are taken from more than 150 participants in the pedagogical events from Hammarkullsskolan, Dômen konstskola, Kulturstråket, Allas Ateljé and Konstepidemin.

By presenting all the photo interventions together, we intend to create a monument as a symbolic action to sew together the segregated areas and the city center. It is to present how our imagination of the city to build contains different perceptions of the public living space based on where we live and how our neighborhood is being presented by the media.

Pedagogical Events

During the pedagogical events, we aimed to create a space for participating young adults and children to talk together about the space around us, to document it and to reproduce it in relation to our needs and the needs of the people who live with us. These conversations are facilitated in a critical manner to foster the knowledge of critical thinking in young actors of the society and also to discuss their rights along with their responsibilities. This is intended by creating a space for the participants to be introduced to both the discourse around the right to the city and to the tools of critical thinking and discussion in order to create their own idea of the city, suitable for everyone.

Moreover, through the conversation about the right to the city, we have created a space where children and young adults could understand the meaning of “participation” and could exercise it while realising the responsibility they have as residents within this discourse to get one step closer to our ideal democratic space. To empower the participating children to exercise democratic discourse, the project has provided a space where they can practice one of the most important skills a citizen needs: critical thinking.

A Monument Of The City To Build
Phase 1 – 2021

In collaboration with Azadeh E.Zaghi


In recent years the “right to the city” has become a more and more fascinating slogan when we talk about urban space and its inhabitants. A Monument Of The City To Build is a process-driven social engaged artistic project, initiated by Azadeh E Zaghi and Reyhaneh Mirjahani, presenting the concept of the “right to the city”, public space, residentship right and responsibility through the series of pedagogical processes events and discussions and the exhibition format. The project aims to engage the residents of Gothenburg via similar content, placing an emphasis on dialogical meetings, and to understand the differences of response, engagement, and conversation around the right to the city. This approach is pursued in an effort to stand against the marginalisation of Gothenburg.

Through a method of pedagogical artistic integration, this project intends to empower the residents to be part of the ongoing discussion on the “right to the city” and to see themselves capable of demanding a better environment for themselves, for those around them and for their city Gothenburg, by speaking their stories and reflecting on their lived experience in the city, while translating this exploration into a collaborative artwork.



A Monument Of The City To Build  är ett processdrivet socialt engagerade konstnärligt projekt initierat av Azadeh E Zaghi och Reyhaneh Mirjahani, kring frågor om “rätten till staden”, det offentliga rummet, rätt att bo och ansvarighet genom en serie pedagogiska processer, evenemang och utställningen som format. Projektet syftar till att engagera de boende i Göteborg, med tonvikt på dialogiska möten, och för att förstå skillnader i respons, engagemang och konversationer när samma innehåll presenteras runt omkring i staden. Denna infallsvinkel används med förhoppningen om att kunna motverka marginaliseringen av Göteborg.

Genom metoden pedagogisk konstnärligt integration syftar detta projekt till att uppmuntra de boende till att delta i den pågående diskussionen kring “rätten till staden” och bidra till att de ser sig själva som förmögna till att kräva en bättre miljö för sig själva och för de runt omkring i staden och för Göteborg som stad, genom att berätta sina historier och reflektera kring sin levda erfarenhet i staden, samtidigt som denna utforskning översätts till ett kollaborativt konstverk.

Projektet finansieras av Göteborg Stad i samarbete med Blåstället Konsthall, Hammarkullsskolan, Dômen konstskola, Navet Bergsjön, Göteborgs botaniska trädgård, Allas Ateljé, Konstepidemin och Kulturrådet.



Flora Rika, Botaniska Trädgården, Gothenburg, July-August 2021
Artists’ Corner, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, June 2021


Pedagogical events:

Allas Ateljé, Bergsjön, July 2021
Dômen konstskola, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, May 2021
Blåstället, Hammarkullen, Gothenburg, January 2021