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In Between

Unfired ceramic, Metal

In Between was part of Bodies in Alliance / Bodies in Defiance exhibition at Monitor and Rotor2 Galleries, curated by Gloria López-Cleries, Alexandra Papademetriou, Sanna Samuelsson, Kolbrún Inga Söring which aimed to facilitate interdisciplinary discussions around the subject of queer identity during the week of West Pride.

In Between aimed to explore the relation between space and quantity of bodies, by setting up itself as an installation consisting of sculptures representing bodies, to question the appearance of the absent bodies among the presence bodies in the political scene and probe their sensual effect on their space, other spaces and each other. 

The work refers to Judith Butler’s idea of the between where she states the importance of the space of appearance that exists in space “between” bodies, where acting politically can take place. In Between is in a form of representation involving physical bodies inside, to have them, the individuals / the bodies / the acts, appearing physically inside the work, there is an emphasis on the power of the body inside the battlefield and its limitations. To highlight the vulnerable bodies in the space between, amidst the possibilities of an action.