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An Experiment on Agency #4
December 2020

In a private event at Skogen, an artist-run house for performing arts, the experiment was activated by five participants. In this experiment, the focus shifted to a) discussion: the participants were motivated to have a conversation about the questions and the experiment itself, and b) the idea of monitoring: the participants’ movements were recorded and photographed constantly.

The Experiment was followed by discussion, talking about the complexity of decision making and the vagueness of the context, as well as the subjective role of each participant.

An Experiment on Agency #3
November 2020

The Experiment on Agency #3 happened in the middle of the pandemic, in Biella, Italy. It was under the thematic of UNIDEE 2020 residency program “Embedded Arts Practice in a Post-pandemic Future” where I decided to examine the practical and theoretical knowledge on Socially engaged art in both the postindustrial context of Biella and the multicultural context of Gothenburg, as well as exploring the importance of the context in the project.

The Experiment was followed by a critical discussion between the participants and I, about the complexity of the context in each question and the language of the installation itself.

UNIDEE Presentation

An Experiment on Agency #2
June 2020

Since it was not possible to make my practice public, due to Covid-19, An Experiment on Agency #2 was placed without any participant. Through an essay A Landscape of Absence: Reflections on Participatory Installation during a Pandemic andThe Installation art, physical presence and collective space, I investigated the relationship and conversation around socio-political installation art, the importance of physical presence, and public assembly as a political act

The video documentation is a collaboration with sound designer, Merve Erez.

An Experiment on Agency #1
October 2019

An Experiment on Agency #1 inquires into the dilemmatic situations in the current global socio-political situation, by gathering information about particular contexts and complexities. It explores the possibilities of discursive aesthetics and participatory installations around the notion of political agency, with the final aim to have the participants and their participation as the work itself.

The installation consists of a 2D intersection map on the floor which on each intersection there is a representation of several dilemmatic political situations in forms of questions. A group of participants will enter the map while all being surrounded within an elastic rope around them which could make some limitations or uncomfortably. On each intersection, they face a question based on specific real dilemmatic political situations.

An Experiment on Agency
Long-term participatory project since 2020


An Experiment on Agency is an ongoing research-based participatory artistic project focusing on the notion of agency in dilemmatic political situations, where the actors facing these dilemmas are in a ‘lose-lose’ predicament (Frost, 2003). These situations leave the actor with a difficult choice between two or more undesirable alternatives based on the given context – to choose over censorship and freedom of speech in a critical context; to lie, leave, fight, protest, believe, follow, vote.

In creating a series of audience-activated installations, as a subspecies of participatory art, the project inquires into how artistic practice can lead viewers to question, discuss and understand the existence of agency within such dilemmatic choices. Furthermore, the experience of the inquiry is meant to raise this open question: If in some situations we lose agency, which systems are depriving us of it.

ّIn this participatory event, the public is invited to explore their imagined agency by walking inside a floor map with branching paths. According to how they answer a series of questions along the paths, the participants will each make their own route through the map. Political conflicts and relations between oppressed and oppressors, are presented through the questions as they are played out on the world’s stage – there are no easy answers / no clear winners.



An Experiment on Agency #4 – Skogen, Gothenburg, Sweden

An Experiment on Agency #3 – Cittadellarte, Biella, Italy

An Experiment on Agency #2 / without bodies – HDK-Valand, Gothenburg, Sweden

An Experiment on Agency #1 – Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg, Sweden