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Reyhaneh Mirjahani’s practice exists at the intersection of visual art, research, curating, organizing, publication, and spatial interventions.  In recent years, her practice has developed into a more nuanced, participatory, and research-based form. It revolves around collaborative and intersectional methodologies that bridge artistic practice with social and political science, creating spaces for discussing the complexities of contemporary issues.

Central to her practice is the critical exploration of the notion of individual and collective agency in dilemmatic socio-political situations and the exploration and the questions around ethics in this discourse. Through self-organized participatory events and employing discursive methods, she investigates the complexities of the cosmopolitan liberal idea of agency and instead seeks to explore the intricate relationship between agency and structure, the individual and the community. Her interests have led her to study various socio-political narratives and how they can be interpreted differently based on the reader’s subjective position.

Moreover, she undertakes projects that delve into documenting everyday life to investigate the contemporary condition of public spaces, aiming to engage critically with how we perceive the social production of public space as inhabitants. These projects not only involve a critical analysis of contemporary societal dynamics but also make substantial contributions to broader discussions on urban development, community empowerment, and feminist interventions.

Reyhaneh’s process involves an experimental approach to these questions, utilizing discussions and interdisciplinary collaborations. Her critical approach to exhibition-making is concerned with breaking the conventional approach of inviting the public to the center/white cube. Instead, she seeks to further develop exhibitions and events that can travel to other “non-conventional” places of public meeting.





2021-2022 Curatorlab, Konstfack, Stockholm, SE
2021 Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art, HDK-Valand, Gothenburg, SE
2018-2020 MFA in Fine Arts, HDK-Valand (120 ECTS), University of Gothenburg, SE
2012-2016 BFA in Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture, School of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, IR

2023 Media and Politics in a Globalizing World, Stockholm University (15 ECTS), SE
2021 Social Action in Today’s Art, Kaarnamaa Art Journal
2019 Contemporary Arts and Politics Course, HDK-Valand (15 ECTS), SE

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