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Digital Collage, video, plexiglass

Curated by: 
Shirin Zeraaty and Tabitha Nagy

The work is made for The exhibition “[…] an exhibition on artist profiling”, as the result of a six-month-long project initiated by TheArtCornerofTehran in collaboration with arthereistanbul and the class of Hermann Pitz at The Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Project Booklet

During these six months, Shirin Zeraaty and Tabitha Nagy have worked with 12 artists to curate an exhibition on the topic of Artist Profiling, exploring the relation between the life of the artist and the artwork and the interpretation of works based on the context created by texts, like the biographies. The result is 12 artworks and the documentation of the process. Each of the artists wrote a biography under an alter ego name. The biographies were swapped and the artists made an artwork impersonating the artist whose biography they received.


This work was made by Reyhaneh Mirjahani
Based on Diogo da Cruz’s Biography

This work was made by Alejandra Rincón
Based on Reyhaneh Mirjahani’s Biography