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Don’t Leave Your Cup
Participatory installation


“So kindly they bring you a cup of tea to welcome you.

Cups which are full of unspoken feelings, involved in ongoing relationships that are being formed. Judgments, uncertainty, fears, cultural backgrounds and language barriers make the cups unbalanced. The cups, as part of the relationships, are needed to be taken care of to not fall down and break.

So they kindly bring you a cup of tea to welcome you. And that is just a beginning.”


Don’t Leave Your Cup is the outcome of my residency program in Kielce Institute of Design with a theme of “Hospitality”. It was designed to explore the relationship between cultures, languages and prejudices with the objection to present these relationships by the public’s physical interaction with the work.

The masks offer some of the different types of reaction and conversation I had with locals during my residency, but in Farsi. In the beginning audiences are invited to choose one of the masks and come to the table with cups, and later they are allowed to check the translation of the sentence on the mask.

The local TV report on the exhibition: link.