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From There It Began
December 2023

Galleri Göteborgs Konstförening


Curated by: Reyhaneh Mirjahani (Guest Curator)

Collaboration between Domens Konstskola, KV Konstskola, Göteborgs Konstskola, HDK-Valand, and Gallery Göteborgs Konstförening

Photos by Alexandra Papademetriou and Reyhaneh Mirjahani


Exhibition Leaflet

Transformation, a complex force resonating within every facet of our existence, carries multilayered significance waiting to be unfolded, whether it is embraced by imposition or desire. From There It Began offers a glimpse into unraveling some of these intricate layers by delving into the yearning for the past, anticipation of the future, and investigating narratives beyond dichotomies of mere before-and-after or simplistic either-or.

This exhibition brings together twelve student artists from four of Gothenburg’s art schools to reflect on the concept of transformation. Through their diverse media, each student brings forth a distinct narrative, capturing the essence of transformation—be it reshaping materials, personal metamorphoses, or societal changes, and beyond.


Participating student artists:

Dômen konstskola: Simon Gunnarsson, Naini Carrillo Martinat, Kim Simpson
Göteborgs Konstskola: Nadia Asp Zayed, Agnes Printz, Louise Hornberg
HDK VALAND: Hugo Hernqvist, Christian Abrahamsson, Ninni Nylén
KV Konstskola: Karoline Andersson, Lukas Andersson, Magnus Andreasson


Exhibition View
Nadia Asp Zayed - Urban Jungle (left), Magnus Andreasson - Luft och Vatten (middle)
Naini Carrillo Martinat -Lek inte med maten/Come tu puta comida
Karoline Andersson - Fluidity, Photo By Sven
Hugo Hernqvist - Plommonträdet
Exhibition View - Naini Carrillo Martinat (Left), Kim Simpson (Right)
Agnes Printz - Lycanthropes (left), Lukas Andersson - Eho (right)
Ninni Nylén - Stoenescu
Christian Abrahamsson -Eriksberg crane and Truckstop Alaska
Simon Gunnarsson - Här står i evig glans mitt verkliga jag