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to navigate the conditional, I must pause

Digital collage, audio, gypsum SLS

Within the framework of today’s liberal-capitalist context, we find ourselves living in what Victor Turner referred to as “life in the conditional”: where uncertainties, complexities, and contingent circumstances not only shape the narratives of our daily lives, but also tend to perpetuate themselves.

The works in the exhibition are visual narratives, weaving liminality and the exploration of failure, anomaly, and resistance, highlighting their interconnected relations. to navigate the conditional, I must pause offers a moment of suspension – an ongoing visual exploration into the intricate layers of our simplified conditional realities. It is a moment of pause in between our permanent socio-political liminal condition. 

Here, liminality is both projected as a condition imposed by liberal-capitalist structures, and also as a fertile ground for anomalies – an act of resistance, nurtured and empowered by the very characteristics of the liminal condition.