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Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing Bubbles /
Mellan tillhörighet och uppbrott: Spåra bubblor


Kulturhuset Bergsjön


Curated by: Reyhaneh Mirjahani (Guest Curator)

Project by: Kulturstråket-Navet i Bergsjön in collaboration with Kulturhuset Bergsjön

Supported by: Kulturrådet and Kulturstråket-Navet i Bergsjön



Kulturstråket-Navet i Bergsjön: Azadeh E. Zaghi
Exhibition Fabricator: Alexander Stevenson
Photographer: Hendrik Zeitler
Copyediting: Alexandra Papademetriou
Translation: Benjamin Wagner

Thanks to Ida Lindberg, Emma Makkonen, Hanna Jansson


Exhibition Leaflet
Public Program

Amidst the perpetual injustices and tyrannical power structures that oppress our communities and stifle their rights to exist, express and act, is a constellation of often-colliding bubbles. This governs each individual’s processing, avoidance, or resistance against the most brutal realities that surround us, up close and from afar.

Depending on upbringing, education, and exposure to challenging life conditions, the bubble is best defined as our selective interpretations and reactions to factual truths and realities, as well as our selective aspirations to preserve or protect for what is dearest to us. At the same time, these bubbles equally shape our biases and preconceptions towards what we deem to be threatening or unfamiliar. Being social bubbles, or vague, uncertain states of mind, they often emerge in response to the moment of reconciliation or contention with surrounding contexts that carry opposing viewpoints and analytical frameworks.

Uniquely, each bubble contributes a distinct function with a distinct influence over how we make sense of our wider socio-political and cultural contexts. Whether it functions as a source of distraction or empowerment, the ‘bubble’ as a fleeting isolated reality offers a versatile facet of individuality as well as community that is worth unpacking.

The exhibition Between Affinity and Rupture: Tracing Bubbles looks at the possible points of encounter with these bubbles, while exploring how they each affect our perception and reactions against the realities that surround us. How can we make sense of our own subjectivities within the wider web of conflicting socio-political and cultural contexts?

The nine artists in the exhibition explore the moments of collision, of reconciliation or contention with different understandings and viewpoints. Each work can be seen as an aperture to the encounters we can have as individuals or as communities with some of these fleeting isolated realities.

Participating artists: Anki Ebonsdotter, Amanda Karlsson, Dawn Hang Yue Wong , Kimzonite, Siri Landgren, Kasia Michnik, Åke Sjöberg, Sifen Wibell, Elin Wikström

Exhibition view
Exhibition View
Åke Sjöberg - How to be a real “NVM”: a seed of Non Violent Masculinity
Elin Wikström - Nya Möten
Amanda Karlsson - Middag med gäster
Sifen Wibell - Bubblor och makt
Performance by Anki Ebonsdotter - Encanto
from Empatisk berättarverkstad med Åke Sjöberg
Dawn Hang Yue Wong - Oväntade skattkartor
Kasia X. Michnik - När vi gör surkål, gör vi inte surkål - Om ursprung, uppbrott, försoning
Performance by Kasia X. Michnik
Elin Wikström - Nya Möten
Exhibition View
Left: Kimzonite - Kakelugn شومینه estufa de ceramica Right: Siri Landgren - Underlevare
from Prata och skapa om bubblor, normer och makt with Sifen Wibell
from Skapa en oväntad skattkarta med Dawn Hang Yue Wong