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Collage Workshop


This workshop was conducted as part of my activity during the residency program in Kielce Institute of Design following the theme of the residency, Hospitality.

After a short lecture on the history of collage and different examples of using collage as a self portrait, the workshop started with identifying and exploring different patterns and motifs in Polish and Persian culture. Providing personal photos of each participant and printed Polish and Persian motifs, the participants were asked to answer this question using visual language: “how would you identify yourself with these motifs and cultural pictures?” 

Keeping in mind the context of the workshop, in a small non-touristic city, and with the language barrier, I played a role of facilitator to use collage as a probe to motivate the locals to engage in a conversation about culture, judgment and visual motifs centralizing themselves and their relation to these elements.

The local magazine report on the workshop: The link.