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Be My Guest

Video: 20:37 – 2019
Artist Book:  2017-20190

Part of the “Sex, Suicide, Socialism, Spirit and Stereotypes” exhibition (curated by Agata Cukierska) and organized by Kronika Gallery within the Parallax Project in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Chelsea College of Art in London, Plymouth University and the University of Gothenburg’s Valand Academy.


The project was presented in the book Parallax 2018-2020, Editors: Pawel Mendrek and Martin Newth, in cooperation with Maddie Leach, Sarah Tuck and Laura Rosser

Be My Guest serves as a reinterpretation of the previous project Don’t Leave Your Cup, with the aim of reshaping the narrative surrounding nationality and the concept of otherness. Through a video featuring eight individuals from diverse Polish backgrounds, the artwork challenges prevailing stereotypes about Polish identity, navigating the delicate balance between resistance and acceptance.

The video is presented alongside documentation from the “Don’t Leave Your Cup” project. This juxtaposition highlights the evolution of narrative between the two projects, inviting viewers to reconsider their preconceived notions and prejudices about nationality and identity.